3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Ruth Ann Fleener says:

    Hi! I am Ruth Ann. I’m a senior at Bloomington High School North and I am involved in the internship program. I am currently interning at Tri-North Middle School underneath the health teacher. At my high school, I am doing a presentation for people in our community. My presentation is informing of the health educators we have in our community. I hope I’m looking in the right direction. I went to Planned Parenthood’s website to find if they had any outreach educators who went into the community to inform. Is that something you do? I entered my email below. If you could shoot me an email, I’d love to discuss your career!

  2. Rianna L Ayala says:


    My name is Rianna Ayala and I am a social work student at the Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville. I am doing a collaborative group project about the importance of sexual education. I wanted to possibly email someone a few questions about this topic that I can use to educate my peers. I have left my email below and would love to hear from you all!

    Thank you,

    Rianna Ayala

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