5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Ruth Ann Fleener says:

    Hi! I am Ruth Ann. I’m a senior at Bloomington High School North and I am involved in the internship program. I am currently interning at Tri-North Middle School underneath the health teacher. At my high school, I am doing a presentation for people in our community. My presentation is informing of the health educators we have in our community. I hope I’m looking in the right direction. I went to Planned Parenthood’s website to find if they had any outreach educators who went into the community to inform. Is that something you do? I entered my email below. If you could shoot me an email, I’d love to discuss your career!

  2. Rianna L Ayala says:


    My name is Rianna Ayala and I am a social work student at the Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville. I am doing a collaborative group project about the importance of sexual education. I wanted to possibly email someone a few questions about this topic that I can use to educate my peers. I have left my email below and would love to hear from you all!

    Thank you,

    Rianna Ayala

  3. Kristin Bogue says:

    Your Education colleagues from Alaska are sending you well wishes and gratitude for keeping up the fight delivering critical education to improve the sexual health of youth and adults throughout your communities.

    We heart you!
    PPGNHI Alaska Education Team

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