101 things We wish we learned in Sex Ed

By The Team

In the perfect society, all folks have access to comprehensive, judgment-free sexuality education. In reality, access to sexuality education of any sort varies by age, values and zip code. Our educators took to the streets to find the top 101 things that folks wished they had more of or learned at all during their formal sex education.

Copy of 100thingsinsexed

  1. Abortion
  2. Abstinence
  3. All bodies are different
  4. Anatomy & Physiology
  5. Birth control
  6. Bisexuality is not a phase
  7. Body changes with older age
  8. Body positivity
  9. Chemistry and lust
  10. Co-ed discussions about sex
  11. Co-ed lessons on accountability
  12. Communication
  13. Comprehensive information
  14. Condoms
  15. Consensual sex is natural and not bad
  16. Contraceptives
  17. Death of a partner
  18. Elder abuse
  19. Emergency Contraception
  20. Emotional involvement after becoming sexually active
  22. Factually accurate, realistic answers
  23. Gay & lesbian sex
  24. Good touch/Bad Touch
  25. Have frequent conversations about sexuality and my body
  26. Healthy relationships
  27. Help for teen moms
  28. Hormones
  29. How much you should bleed and pain you would have
  30. How to be more comfortable discussing sex
  31. How to have better relationships with family and significant others
  32. How to identify my own sexual identity
  33. How to identify positive relationships
  34. How to not have feelings for someone so you wouldn’t get hurt
  35. HPV Vaccine
  36. Importance of OB-GYN
  37. Intersex
  38. Intimacy
  39. It’s okay to have sex before marriage depending on moral/spiritual beliefs
  40. Local places to go for women’s health issues
  41. Marriage
  42. Masturbation helps you understand your own sexuality
  43. Medically accurate information
  44. Men and their wet dreams
  45. Menopause
  46. Menstrual care options
  47. More about “sexuality” than just sex
  48. More about community health
  49. More about protection
  50. More about queer sex and health
  51. More about safer sex other than abstinence
  52. More forms of birth control
  53. More info on consent
  54. More than just about condoms
  55. More than just cis-het sex
  56. Mutual respect and consent
  57. My feelings
  58. Non-monogamy
  59. Non-sexual relationships
  60. Not so much slut-shaming
  61. Older age sexual safety
  62. Orientation
  63. Ovulation
  64. Parent education
  65. Parent-Child communication
  66. Periods
  67. Planned Parenthood
  68. Pleasure & gender identity
  69. Pregnancy
  70. Rape Culture
  71. Self- esteem
  72. Sex ed and homelessness
  73. Sex Ed should be a part of health class
  74. Sex is something fun and can be dangerous
  75. Sexes
  76. Sexual maturity
  77. Sexual identity
  78. Signs of a pregnancy
  79. STD testing
  80. Talking to siblings
  81. Tampons and how to use them
  82. That “no” means “no”
  83. That it is just as emotional as physical
  84. That I’m still a work in progress
  85. That sex isn’t how you prove you love/feel loved by a man
  86. That sex is not the most important part of a healthy relationship
  87. That it’s ok to change my mind
  88. The emotional connection
  89. The importance of foreplay
  90. The meaning of “rough sex” and what it is
  91. To be patient and not rush into things
  92. Transgender folks
  93. Trusted Adults
  94. Truth about women and AIDS
  95. Uses of birth control for purposes other than heterosexual sex
  96. What steps to take if you are in fact pregnant at a young age
  97. What to say to a doctor
  98. Where to get Birth Control
  99. Why nothing was done to the predator
  100. Women could have orgasms
  101. Your body, your choice, your life!

What else do you wish you learned in sex ed that’s not already listed?

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