The Power to Choose

Did you know that you have the power of choice when it comes to condoms?

I bet that you are thinking “well yeah, there many choices when it comes to male condoms. There are ribbed, shear, colors, flavors…there a ton of choices.” And yes, you are correct, there are many choices when it comes to male condoms but the male condom is not the only condom around. There is another choice: the Female Condom!

The Female Condom or the FC2 is produced by The Female Health Company. The FC2 is female-originated and a revolutionary option which offers dual protection against STI’s, including HIV/AIDS and unintended pregnancy. They are a great safer sex option that can be used for both vaginal and anal sex. Click here for more information on The Female Health Company.

Now I bet that you are thinking, “What’s so great about this FC2?” Let me tell you!

  • It gives women and men the power of choice!
  • It is regulated by the receptive partner.
  • It’s a high-quality choice for women and men who understand the importance of protecting themselves.
  • Women no longer have to choose between pregnancy prevention or STI protection.
  • FC2 can be inserted in advance, no erect penis required.
  • It’s made of nitrile. Nitrile conducts heat, so the moment will be hotter.
  • It has 2 rings, for double the pleasure.
  • Find a list that contains more reasons that make the FC2 so great visit.

Now I bet you are thinking, “Sign me up!” I am excited to see that you are exercising your power of choice! Share the information with your friends, help them to understand the choices they have, and how these choices can lead to healthy and happy lives.

Would you like to learn more about choice, birth control methods or STI’s?

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