Navigating Real Life as a Disney Princess

I am a product of the “Disney-fication” of romance. There, I said it. I had trouble in relationships because I had unreasonable expectations instilled in me by some of my favorite movies. I still love and relish these movies today, but I could do without how they affected my life, especially on the topics of love and sex. Okay, there is no sex in Disney movies, but it is certainly implied. We’ve been cultured to know that a bride loses her virginity on her wedding night if she hasn’t done so already; either way, the wedding night theoretically ends with passionate lovemaking. The Disney princess stories always ended in marriage… which was inevitably followed by, well, that inevitable.

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Emotional Investment in Sexuality

By Ryane

Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, sex and sexuality is a very pertinent part of becoming who you are. Adolescence is probably one of the most trying times when it comes to sexuality as it is a time of exploration, discovering, and learning who you are physically, emotionally, and mentally. Discovering your sexuality is not something that should be frowned upon or seen in a negative light. Society uses scare tactics when it comes to educating young people about sex, sexuality, STIs, and reproduction in hopes that it will in some way deter their need and or want for sex when in actuality, it’s impossible. Sex is something that is natural and part of being human. Whether we choose to disguise or satisfy them, they are there and ignoring such does more harm than good.

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